Ms Erin Becht

Year 3 Teacher
A Bachelor of Arts in International Languages and Cultures, with pathways in German, Spanish and French. A Masters in Teaching and Learning (completed with distinction) specialising in Modern Foreign Languages, English and Dance.
I am from Hamilton, New Zealand, but am a citizen of the world. Thanks to a passion for travel and foreign languages, I have spent several years living and working in Germany, Argentina and France and developing my language skills. I am lucky to have had so many amazing experiences and have made so many special friendships along the way. I have been a teacher for four years, beginning my career in secondary as the head of German, with English and Spanish as additional subjects. When I moved to Spain I began teaching in primary in KS2. I also teach piano and Zumba as extracurricular activities. In my free time I love to dance Ballet and Zumba. I also enjoy doing anything creative such as painting, playing the piano, making pottery or cooking.