Mr John Wild

Primary Teacher
BSc (Hons) Engineering and Management Post Graduate Certificate in Education: Mathematics, Secondary (PGCE) Institute of Leadership and Management, Teaching, Accredited to provide level 7 Qualifications Spheres of Influence Facilitator Accreditation, Harvard University Research Project, UK based A Levels in Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics
In addition to my ‘A Levels’, university degree, PGCE studies in secondary mathematics , my career to date has spanned several positions that have involved the application of mathematics, English, science and common sense to engineering, commercial and business situations. Before settling in Pamplona, my last employment was teaching mathematics to 12 - 18 year students at a mixed comprehensive school in Gloucestershire, England. In 2016 I took a sabbatical year from teaching to sail a 14 metre yacht from the Baltic sea into the North Sea, across the English Channel to the Bay of Biscay, then to Northern Spain, Portugal and the Algarve. In the Spring of 2017 I navigated to and through the Straits of Gibraltar, finally to reach Sant Carles de la Rapita from where I have cruised to Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentara. Early in my career, I recognised the importance and contribution of people’s knowledge to meeting and resolving challenging problems, not just through the application of logical thinking but also in the use of creative and judicial thought. I worked in Engineering in Australia as well as the Middle East before moving into consultancy, based in the UK and operating globally. My interest in how people learn and apply what they know inspired me to join a strategy and human resource consultancy, where I worked with experienced managers helping them to improve their business and personal performance. From there, I went on to establish my own business improvement and training company. I studied with researchers from Harvard University, learning how to apply Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences to ways in which leaders could reduce complexity, achieve simplicity and change organisations. While I was training business people, I realised that many of their attitudes and habits had been formed at an early age, consequently the chances of future personal change were inhibited by years of ingrained practice! I felt that if I were going to make a difference then I would need to work with younger minds. Consequently I was thrilled by the opportunity to join the primary department of The British School in Navarra. I am quickly settling into life in Pamplona and looking forward to helping develop and grow young mindsets. When not at School, I enjoy sailing, swimming, scuba diving, skiing, travelling and exploring the local countryside and culture with my partner who is from Zaragoza, and also living in Pamplona.