Irrintzi Perez

Spanish Teacher
BA of Education (Early Years and Primary)
I am an active and creative person. I love doing crafts; playing some sport as surfing, football, handball, riding my bicycle, etc; reading; I usually travel around the world and learn new languages and cultures. Besides English, I can speak Spanish and some Finnish and Portuguese. On the other hand, I can easily communicate with new people I meet. 5 years ago I took part in an exchange program in Finland, so I lived there for 1 year. And in 2016, I lived in Utah (USA) for 1 year too, working as au pair. I have also worked as a group leader several times in Ireland and Canada,. As you can see I am used to work in foreign countries. I have a lot of experience working with children, not only in summer camps, but also as a teacher (In Madrid, Finland and USA), both, at schools and giving private lessons.