Year 4 and Year 6 Residential Trip

Last week we went to Irrisarri Land. We all enjoyed it a lot.
Tuesday, October 3, 2017
On our trip we went on the medium zip line, which is 375m long. That was everyone's favourite part because it was like flying and it was a bit scary. One night we watched a film called Asterix and we all got to sleep in bunk beds with our friends. The next day we went to search for treasure and on the way we did a special walk. You had to take off your shoes and socks and first you balanced on some tree trunks, then on rocks, sand and grass. There were also some boxes with things inside which we needed to touch and guess what it was. We walked along a bridge that moved a lot and we also did an activity where we had to wear a mask and your partner guided you; we saw massive rainbow trout. One morning we played in arcade and there was also a place high in the trees where we had to we to climb over obstacles wearing a harness.

We all had lots of fun and we wanted to do a lot of the activities again and again.

Written by Year 4.