What is the English National curriculum?

The British educational system
Thursday, January 24, 2019
The English National curriculum is an educational system that British schools use for their students to develop their skills in a balanced and consistent manner. This is carried out thanks to a personalized teaching that takes into account the different characteristics of each student.

This educational system that we use in the British School of Navarra takes into account different aspects for its correct application. One of them is the subjects taught, whether they are science classes, physical education or mathematics, all of them must be governed by the principles of the British school curriculum. Therefore, this determines the knowledge and the syllabus that each subject contains.

As mentioned above, this system takes into account the level of performance of each student, as well as their progress as the course progresses, which is always evaluated and reported properly.

All this allows a correct organization of the different school courses to offer teaching methods that have as main objective the different individual needs of each student.

The National Curriculum is divided into different stages that we call key stages and whose purpose is that teachers can measure the performance of students at the end of each stage.

What are the Key stages?
They are the different academic courses and these are their equivalences if we compare them with the Spanish educational system:

Key Stages 1 - 2
5-6 years Key Stage: 1 Year: 1 Equivalence: 3º Infantil
6-7 years Key Stage: 1 Year: 2 Equivalence: 1º Primaria Exam: KS1 SATs
7-8 years Key Stage: 2 Year: 3 Equivalence: 2º Primaria
8-9 years Key Stage: 2 Year: 4 Equivalence: 3º Primaria
9-10 years Key Stage: 2 Year: 5 Equivalence: 4º Primaria
10-11 years Key Stage: 2 Year: 6 Equivalence: 5º Primaria Exam: KS2 SATs

Key Stages 3 - 4
11-12 years Key Stage: 3 Year: 7 Equivalence: 6º Primaria
12-13 years Key Stage: 3 Year: 8 Equivalence: 1º ESO
13-14 years Key Stage: 3 Year: 9 Equivalence: 2º ESO Exam: KS3 SATs
14-15 years Key Stage: 4 Year: 10 Equivalence: 3º ESO
15-16 years Key Stage: 4 Year: 11 Equivalence: 4º ESO Exam: GCSE

"A" Levels (University Access) 
16-17 years Key Stage: 5 Year: 12 Equivalence: 1º Bachillerato Exam: AS level
17-18 years Key Stage: 5 Year: 13 Equivalence: 2º Bachillerato Exam: A level