Student-Led Conferences at BSN

Opportunity to share learning with parents.
Monday, May 7, 2018
At BSN this term, the children in the Early Years and Primary had the opportunity to share their learning with their parents through Student-Led Conferences. These meetings allowed the children the opportunity to reflect on their own learning, achievements, effort and behaviour. Prior to the meetings, the children all went through a thorough reflection process about their strengths and the areas they need to improve in.

Throughout this preparation process, we saw our students come alive with enthusiasm. They were further encouraged to become active learners and really enjoyed the opportunity to spend some time with their families in their own class and share many aspects of their learning.  As teachers, we saw the positive effect these meetings had on our students. The students were able to develop an enhanced awareness of their own learning and to have an opportunity to demonstrate their independence. Parents were able to see what their children’s learning looks like as well as continue to be a part of a positive parent-school partnership, among other positive aspects.

Here at BSN, we couldn’t be prouder of our students and their enthusiasm for learning.