Exciting visit to the Science Museum

The British School of Navarra students visit the Science Museum in San Sebastian
Friday, December 21, 2018

Regular schools trips are an important part of the informal learning process. Visiting museums makes learning more engaging and interactive, helping The British School of Navarra's students to explore further the subject learned in the classroom. To consolidate various skills and knowledge that Year 3 & Year 4 learned in Science in Term 1, the students went to the science museum in San Sebastian.

Year 4 have been learning about animals and their habitats and the first thing we did was find out about desert animals. We went into a warm room where we got to touch a false coral snake and a bearded dragon. We also saw a Mexican iguana, poison dart frogs, scorpion, jellyfish, octopus, tarantula, and a HUGE albino python!

The animal room was followed by a tour of the museum and scientific games. We lifted 200kg, using a lever, and some of us even laid on a bed of nails!

Year 3 have been studying light and shadow and we got to reinforce our learning in one area of the museum where there were reflection and refraction games and a disorientating mirror maze.

What a great way to make science more fun!