Campus Inauguration Ceremony

BSN presented its new campus in an open event
Friday, March 15, 2019
On Wednesday, March 13, the British School of Navarra officially opened the new campus. (in an event that was attended by students, parents, staff, local dignitaries and the press). We were delighted by the support of the community, with the presence of parents, family and friends including esteemed guests from The Valley de Egues and the Navarra region. 

Throughout the whole of the ceremony, two BSN students from Years 5 and 6 acted as the ‘Masters of Ceremony’, introducing speakers such as the Headmaster, Mr Adam Johnson, Mr Stewart Fry, the Chairman of the British Schools Foundation, as well as Mr Hasier Morrás Aranoa from the Department of Education of the Government of Navarra and the Mayor Valle de Egues, Mr Alfonso Etxeberria. The guests spoke about the Egues Valley as a benchmark in Navarra and how the British school adds international prestige to the area. Mr Fry spoke of the unique educational opportunities students receive at the British School of Navarra. He highlighted BSN’s unique position as the only independent school in the Navarra region to offering a British curriculum fully recognised by the Spanish ministry of education. 

Debbie Barasoain and Theresa Sanchez-Casas, both Year 11 students at The British School of Navarra, spoke as Head Students, reminiscing about life in the old campus, stating good times, however, the new campus has brought them more space for developing, both, academically and personally. They spoke of their experiences since joining the British School. The Head Students also boasted about the fantastic new facilities that the new campus brings to staff and students. Fully equipped IT Suite and Science laboratory, indoor and outdoor gym facilities and a purpose-built theatre, which was used for the event are a few of the wonderful new facilities that were mentioned. The children, beamed with pride as they said how, the new campus, alongside BSN staff and students made them feel welcome and soon thow hey were able to call their new school ‘home’. 

The opening ceremony, also enjoyed musical interludes with the Primary School choir led by Ms Rosa Herrera, performing ‘Count on Me’. Many deemed this choice of song a very fitting tribute to the relationship between staff and students as they experience life at The British School of Navarra. Alisa Garcuik, Year 11, performed a solo piano piece entitled ‘Memories’ By Raulie. Again, another fitting tribute to the move from the old campus to the new. 

The conclusion of the ceremony was the unveiling of the plaque to celebrate the official school opening. Mr Stewart Fry stood alongside Mr Hasier Morrás Aranoa as the Mayor of Egues, Mr Alfonso Etxeberria, unveiled and signed his name on the plaque to commemorate the event. A day that will surely remain fondly in the memory of all that were present.