BSN Summer School 2017

We are pleased to announce we will be running a Summer School in July and August this year.
Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Summer School is for children aged 3-12 years and will take place from 3rd July - 4th August (excluding San Fermin). 
There are two options for enrolment:
Option 1)  8:30am until 2:00pm, Monday - Friday
Option 2)  9:00am until 1:00pm, Monday - Friday

The main focus for children outside the BSN community will be to attend and improve their English significantly; through focused English as a Foreign Language lessons, as well as developing during ICT, Sports, Art and Music activities. Children from within the school community will benefit from advanced English lessons aimed at building on the excellent progress we see here in school, as well as participate in stimulating ICT, Sports, Art and Music activities. This approach will enable BSN children and their friends from other schools to enjoy and profit from the experience together.