BSF Music Festival in Moscow

Students from around the world went to Moscow for a week of music, culture and creativity. William, a student at BSN, gives his account of the trip.
Friday, April 7, 2017

On 26th March, we left Pamplona to go on our trip to Moscow. We went on this trip because our sister school, The International School of Moscow (ISM), was hosting a music festival and all the schools from The British Schools Foundation (BSF) were invited to join.

It was an opportunity that was one of a kind; not very often do schools go abroad to join a music festival and interact with students from all over the world. Music inspires life and this opportunity allowed us to learn about different cultures and communities in various countries, and the ability to have a concert together full of music and creativity is just fascinating. 

Our flight went from Pamplona to Madrid, and then from Madrid to Moscow. The restaurants and shops in Madrid kept us busy for the 5 hour wait in Madrid. The trip was terribly long and exhausting, but it was worth it. We arrived on Sunday evening at the Moscow airport and then the school bus in Moscow took us to ISM where our homestay families waited to pick us up.

Monday was the first day of school and we were all very excited to meet new people from other schools and to be able to sing with them. The school was gigantic and the teachers were really nice. They have three campuses; some for Secondary and some for Primary.

The rehearsals were amazing. The teachers helped us correct our singing to the right tune and the right rhythm, and it sounded brilliant with the whole choir singing; Sopranos, Altos and Tenors all joined together. We also had workshops where we could experience and create Russian culture such as food and handicrafts, dancing, wall climbing and sports.

On Tuesday, we had a day where we could visit Moscow as tourists with students from the school. We visited many places including the Red Square, the Kremlin and we even saw a fascinating performance of famous ballet, “Swan Lake”.

On the following days, we had several more rehearsals to train our voices so that we were ready for the performance. In the evenings many homestay families took students around Moscow after school to explore even deeper into the Russian culture.

The day of the concert (Friday) was very exciting. Everyone got onto the bus to go to the massive theatre where we rehearsed for the final time. Many important people came, including a Russian Rock Star who watched our performance.

On Sunday we left Moscow to return to our homes back in Spain. We had an amazing time but were very happy to finally be returning to our families and friends in Pamplona.  

The whole trip was a truly unique and lively experience.