The benefits of theater in education

Children improve their English thanks to our programs
Friday, January 11, 2019
The theater is a great way to improve the different capacities of our children. At the British School of Navarra we have seen how artistic stimulation helps young people to develop their language, expressiveness, social relations or how they manage their emotions. That is why our school in Pamplona has different plans of dramatic art depending on the course in which our students are.

Our youngest students, from year 1 and 2, made a Christmas production in December 2018 about the history of Rudolph, the most popular reindeer of Santa Claus. From year 3 and 6, the students will work in a function about the Easter period, while the students between year 7 and 10 will put all their effort in the summer function.

For this, we offer a 6-week program in which students learn everything necessary before "the big show". Qualities such as public speaking, body language, memory enhancement or teamwork are acquired by children from very early ages.

Learn English with theater

Special mention deserves the section on how to improve English thanks to dramatic art. We have been able to contrast how our drama activities have brought improvements in the language of the students, both those who do not have English as their first language and those who do.

Mainly, the objectives achieved with these programs are:

- Achieve that the students express themselves in a creative and spontaneous way in different contexts.
- Provide them with the necessary confidence to speak in English thanks to the different words they learn.

This is achieved thanks to the improvements that incorporate their language through a wider vocabulary, use of phrasal verbs, use of dialogues in different storytelling contexts, improvement of pronunciation and articulation of words, fluency in reading, review of grammar rules...etc.

Special mention deserves the creativity that is generated in children during our programs. Something that we encourage through different games and the improvisation of scripts and monologues that take place during the classes.

In short, a great initiative through which they learn and have fun at the same time!