Benefits of learning English at an early age

The British School of Navarra
Wednesday, February 26, 2020

When we are young, our brain is constantly acquiring new concepts and we are better enabled to learn languages. Therefore, one of the pillars in The British School of Navarra is to ensure that our students are able to speak, write and understand both Spanish and English fluently once they enter our school.

There are additional  benefits that our children derive when learning a second language:

  • Cognitive benefits: scores of scientific research indicates that students who learn a second language while young demonstrate greater creativity, memory capacity, critical thinking, as well as problem solving skills.
  • Language improvement: it is often said that children are like “sponges” because they absorb all kinds of knowledge… And languages are not an exception! Evidence suggests that during childhood the brain is prepared to learn languages in a much more natural way and with little effort. That is why it is so important that children assimilate language during this critical growth stage.
  • Job opportunities: it is obvious that languages play a fundamental role in an increasingly globalized world. Even smaller companies now demand fluency in  two or three languages from their workers in order to do business in different countries.
  • Communication: learning at an early age not only improves pronunciation, but also the nonverbal communication. This facilitates social relationships and important aspects in life like public speaking.

In a nutshell, it is never too late to learn a language ... but it is true that it is much easier when you are younger!